Farkitecture Follies pt5

The man who will wreck the Handicraft Guild.


Farkitecture Follies pt4

3 Minneapolis City Council Persons

Farkitecture Follies pt3


JoEllen Haugo…librarian…historian and absolutely right!  DESTROYING WOMENS HISTORY.

There will be more to say on this much more.


Preservation Warriors


And now for a little break in the Fark awards…an infusion of heroism, activism and integrity…standing up and speaking out…confronting the corrupt, speaking truth to evil, resisting the criminal….from the fight to save Brenda Ueland’s House…Anders Christensen

Speaking Truth to Evil

Farkitecture Follies pt2

To blatantly plagarize, from the Preservation Alliances 2008 Ten Most Endangered
Historic buildings:

Oakland Apartments,

The Oakland Apartments is a three-story, red limestone and brick residential building located on the east edge of downtown Minneapolis at 213-215 South Ninth Street. Designed by Minneapolis architect Harry Wild Jones in 1888, the building is an excellent example of the Richardsonian Romanesque style. The building also stands as a rare remnant of the nineteenth-century residences that once spread across the south and east sides of downtown Minneapolis. In spite of its significant historic integrity and connection to the renowned local architect, Harry Wild Jones, the Oakland Apartments is not locally or nationally designated as a historic landmark.
Originally surrounded by similar residential structures, the Oakland Apartments is now one of only two buildings on its block, isolated among surface parking lots. The building is vulnerable to future development, which could claim the entire block. Because the Oakland Apartments is not historically designated, demolition of the building could go unnoticed and unchallenged. Advocates of the building are working to obtain local historic designation for the structure. However, the nomination will need significant public support to convince the Minneapolis City Council to approve designation of the building over any objections from the owners. If preserved, the historic apartment building could serve as the centerpiece of a residential or mixed-use development of the type and scale of similar recent developments in the nearby Elliot Park neighborhood, which have served to revitalize the area.
Action Steps:
• Contact your City Council member to support moving forward with a local historic designation study for the Oakland Apartments.
• Attend the June 14, 2008, debut of Harry Wild Jones, American Architect, at the Hennepin History Museum (www.hennepinhistory.org). Voice your interest in the formation of the Harry Wild Jones Society, a local group interested in the identification and promotion of Jones’ designs.

Needless to say there was no historic designation. The Oakland apartments remained neglected. The urban poor who lived there were exploited by an owner whose family
built clone plan housing ticky tacky in the far flung fourth ring suburbs.

After the major fire in September 2016, everyone was evicted, the suburban
owner decided to write it off as a loss, the brownstone was boarded and abandoned. It will be wrecked any day now. But who knows when since
the City swarm decided the once public wrecking permit information is
now deliberately with-held from the pesky public.

A building it is attached to (the Seton Guild) a purveyor of legal marijuana,
ponders its own unsettled fate. The journalists rather than calling for
the building’s restoration speculate about large scale developments.
More More More.

Farkitecture Follies award #2
Greedy suburban slumvestors who exploit historic buildings and discard their tenants
City employees and officials who think “good riddance let’s rake in the bribes for another megamonstrosity, and a “Preservation Alliance” too cowardly and too covetous of corporate money to publish an Endangered list anymore.

Farkitecture Follies pt 1


Saint Anthony Falls, a sacred site for the Dakotah and Ojibwe..where the City of Minneapolis was founded. The river, the falls, a wild and powerful beauty. The flour and lumber industries took their energy from the river. Citizens and historians created guidelines to protect the historic district. Yet Developers built apartment towers and others plan to over-run the district with more apartments and condos, destroying the historic buildings, poisoning and controlling the power of nature, disregarding and dishonoring the sacred.
In their determination to acquire, conquer and destroy, they have a corrupt ambitious partner who has rewritten laws, removed obstacles, made backroom deals and accepted campaign contributions. He has declared that he will make his own history by destroying ours. A group of citizens has filed suit to stop the tower that will set in motion more engines of destruction.
They have fought but they will loose. The justice system is as broken and corrupt as the process at City Hall.

Farkitecture Follies award 1: The Arbitrary and Capricious corruption and prostitution of the public self serve ants at Minneapolis City Hall.

Farkitecture Follies

Welcome Preservation month May 2017

Sometime this month the preservation Who’s Who…Who’s on First, What’s on Second..it’s Who you know not what you do on Third…will converge to award themselves the Best of the Best…

Farkitecture Follies awards the WORST of the WORST in historic building death, gawd awful remuddling, Mc-Mansion-ization and arrogant greed driven corruption and profiteering.

You have arrived at a dark, violent place where rage and sorrow and loss rule.

If you don’t want your fun to be spoilt, then LEAVE HERE NOW!!!

This is a year in which the destruction could have been eulogized every day.

We can no longer stop it.   We can speak out.   We can act out.

We can and will RESIST!      Emma Pauline Brenda Mary give me your strength.