A Pillsbury Mansion

“$24 mil…a bargain folks…grab it NOW!

1400 Bracketts Point Road, Orono, MN MLS 3441533

“The Flanagan Memo: Renowned homes, old thoughts highlight a new year

Last update: January 6, 2008 – 10:36 PM

Primo real estate
The former John S. Pillsbury Sr. house on the tip of Bracketts Point in Orono on Lake Minnetonka is for sale, only the second time the expansive lakefront house has been on the market since 1918. Is anybody worried about who might buy it — namely, some big developer who will tear down the estate the Pillsbury family called Southways and build other housing there?

James Jundt, a former hedge fund manager, and his wife, Joann, have put it up for sale for $53.5 million. They bought it when Pillsbury’s widow, Eleanor Pillsbury, whose friends called her Juty, died in 1991. They have staged any number of events there, including a Republican fundraiser for congressional candidate Michelle Bachmann that lured President Bush in 2006. The Jundts say they are moving to Arizona….

Who knows? Somebody may want to live in it. Let’s hope.” 1/22/2014…still 4 sale.

Now news of another Pillsbury mansion just sold.






4 Responses

  1. Well the state has wasted dollars upon dollars – this would be an invertment (though I think it is over priced – it has a tax value of aprox $14,000,000) a chunck of land on the lake – they would be saving the land and a some major history. Let the public enjoy the beauty of the gardens and the views – and what a conference center this could be.

  2. I agree…this would be a wonderful conference center. Since this post on the Pillsbury mansion Southways is the most heavily visited one on this site, if anyone has news about this Cool Old Building or showings or public tours or even who might buy it, let me know!

  3. I had the pleasure of moving the Judt’s to Arizona and the house is massive. We took 3 full semi trailer loads out of there and it still wasn’t enough. I like the old style look of the building. I hope someone buys it or use it for a special event center. I hope it doesn’t get auctioned off and split up, that would not be right. I didn’t even get to see the whole house, that’s how big it was.

  4. The Face says….I gotta update this post with new info!
    The grand olde Southways manse is going on the auction
    block and the house is being featured in all sorts of media.

    Sudden extraordinary uptick in visitors to Coolold….

    The most visited post on my blog is the abandoned
    leisure palace of Minnesota grain barons…

    Going once, going twice…

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