Milwaukee Ave – the PAC that could!

Milwaukee Ave – Minneapolis

Another Preservation month story I posted first on about the great save of railroad laborers’ houses in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis.

When a group of people get together and are determined to save historic buildings, sometimes it works, the rescue makes history and sets the course for us all!

Milwaukee Ave on


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  1. Hello there! I discovered your blog through Healy House. Keep up the fascinating work! I love reading about all these old buildings that I see in Minneapolis but know nothing about.

    Have you any research or info on the sad mansions left on Pillsbury Avenue? I was just driving down in the other day, and noticed that there are a few grand mansions on that street, amidst the MANY MANY ugly apartment complexes. There must have been much more at one time. How sad that they were torn down to build block after block of apartment complexes. Anyhoo, I noticed this lovely little gem. It is tucked in between to apartment buildings, a gorgeous memory of what that section of Minneapolis once was. If they bulldoze it I will cry.

  2. Hello Norwego!

    There are many grand mansions just off Franklin Ave in-between 3rd Ave So and Lyndale…interesting that 2115
    was supposedly built in 1930…but perhaps since there
    are many apartments nearby, many of the pre-1930s houses there could have been demolished.

    2115 is or was “Carlson Manor” perhaps named for the first owner and was or is used for Wedding receptions, etc. for many years.

    There are also condos in the building and googling around
    I found that either a condo unit or the entire building sold
    2-day at a real estate auction!

    I usually start researching a house’s history with a trip
    to MPLS inspections to look at the building permits
    which they’ve recently scanned. Wish that was available
    on the internet . After that it can be a long process
    of going to lots of different libraries and archives many
    of which are only open a few hours a week!

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