Northside: Hope and Hard Work!

2705 N 3rd Street – Minneapolis

Another inspiring story of the restoration of a concrete block
house by Anderson Mitchell who saw potential in an abandoned
near ruin and brought it back with many many months of
hard work.

Note the show stopping three level porch…the Minneapolis
Heritage Preservation Commission decreed the porch had
to be historically appropriate for the house…Anderson
could have done simple…but he did splendid!

Quite a contrast between the restored house and
the modern burnt out rambler next store…but
such is the determined triumph and tragic
destruction seen in North Minneapolis!

Here’s the description of the house from the NRP
sponsored Minneapolis St. Paul Home Tour website:

“In 2005 we started converting this former duplex. (Anderson is a contractor) We discovered it was a “Historic Concrete Block” 1885-built house. We negotiated with the Historic Preservation Commission and Minneapolis City Council to approve the Queen Anne style three-story porch architecture plans. As you walk through the original ten-panel front door you enter a grand but intimate single-family home. We have a great view of the Minneapolis skyline from the third-floor porch off the master suite. The suite boasts vaulted ceilings, skylights, a fireplace, and travertine master bath with glass tiled barrel ceiling, Jacuzzi tub and dual-head/steam shower. Additional home features: integrated audio/video/intercom/video surveillance, gourmet kitchen with heated tile floors, barrel ceilings, bull-nosed walls with arched walkways, lighted art coves, and oak flooring throughout. We love the diversity of our neighborhood and easy access to downtown, libraries, arts, and culture.”    2705


2 Responses

  1. Yes, that house is fantastic! And there’s a ton of awesome preservation stuff happening on the northside right now – it’s so exciting!

    I was touched and inspired by all of the wonderful people and stories that I encountered while volunteering at the historic Baker-Emerson house during this most recent home tour. I am also REALLY excited about the Old Highland neighborhood’s reciept of a CURA grant to do research and investigation toward the establishment of a conservation district in that neighborhood.

    I’m sure you know this already, but the Old Highland neighborhood is an absolute treasure trove of incredible houses – most of which go totally under the radar…

    Such cool stuff!!!

  2. The Baker-Emerson house is very special as well a truly
    grand house…I did see some of Old Highland surrounding
    Ascension church…I hope they will update and make
    more use of their website… there was one house
    with a tower painted purple that looked like someone
    had started to bring it back, then abandoned it.

    I admire the bravery and determination of the people in
    North Minneapolis who are struggling to save their
    neighborhoods…the danger and the violence are real.
    I wish them the best of luck!

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