From Queen Annes to Classical Revivals

37th-31st and Park Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Tour Brochure

I went on this wonderful walking tour today. From Queen Annes
to Classical Revivals led by Ryan Knoke and Montana Scheff who
provided excellent histories and architectural style descriptions
of a series of houses from 37th and Park to 31st, including
3131 featured here in a previous post.

Ryan and Montana’s graceful classical revival Reinhold Zeglin house
at 3621 Park Ave So in Minneapolis, is described by them on

Ryan began by telling us the history of Park Avenue which was intended
for the well to do and upper middle class…Thomas Lowry’s street cars
and a 56 foot wide street allowed easy passage to horse and buggy,
then bikes and automobiles. The construction of 35W and the change
to a one way traffic speedway led to the decline of Park avenue…
but many of the houses we saw were well designed and solidly
built and Ryan, Montana and some of their neighbors have brought
them back splendidly.

Ryan told us about the architects, builders, costs and inhabitants, Montana
informed us about the overall style of each house and commented on
unique architectural features.

They both must have spent many, many months researching and preparing
for one of the best, most informative and inspiring walking
tours I’ve taken.

Let’s hope the stories of these houses and the efforts to revive them will appear on, or in a book or on future tours to be shared with us all!

Bravo Ryan and Montana!


5 Responses

  1. Ryan and Montana are absolutely fantastic, wonderful assets to Park Ave and Central Neighborhood, and I am truly grateful to call them neighbors.

    I am only disappointed that I had to miss this tour due to being out of town… but I KNEW it would be a great success! I think they should do a podcast, as the Jewish Historical Society is doing with their North Mpls Synagogue walking tour. And that’s only partly out of my selfish desire to hear the tour. šŸ™‚

  2. Maybe Ryan and Montana will repeat the tour next year…it
    was truly great!

    I’ve also encouraged them and their neighbors to add more
    places to

    The Bennett-McBride house designed by Theron Healy is
    the featured placeography place for July!

    Ranty’s house is also on placeography and I’ve added
    some new information and more Healy houses there.

    Search using “Healy” as a keyword.

  3. I too was out of town and could not attend the tour. I know the vision and enthusiasm these guys have for the Central Neighborhood and was so glad to hear what a success it was. I truly believe this neighborhood will be very up and coming due to the amazing housing stock that is far more affordable than anything on the other side of 35W. And I can tell you that you will be surprised at some of the amazing energetic and visionary people you will find here as well. Thank you guys so much for what you have done to showcase some of the gems of our neighborhood!

  4. Thanks for all the great work! It’s been very disappointing seeing the decline of the Bennet-McBride house over the past 5 years, hopefully some exposure will help reverse this sad trend.

  5. You are welcome Mrs Hudson! There are profiles
    and photos of your house and many other Healy’s
    on Best thing about
    the site is that you can add information to it.

    Healy block 2nd-3rd Ave home owners…many have
    fought very hard to keep your houses…it’s difficult
    and expensive to maintain or renovate a historic
    home…inspiring to see The Healy House blog…

    Discouraging to see the condition of Bennett-McBride
    and a few others…peeling paint and other issues…
    never ending crime, and perhaps financial issues…
    seems to leave some of these houses abandoned
    to renters who can’t , won’t or maybe just don’t
    have the resources and landlord owners who
    are in the same situation….

    Doesn’t help that Minneapolis just can’t seem to
    cope with the crime that drives even the most
    courageous good homeowners away…

    Doesn’t help that people like Bob Roscoe …who
    worked on at least one Healy House and was very
    active in reviving Milwaukee Ave…have to go to
    HISTORIC ST. PAUL to find a program that
    actively encourages and provides funding for
    historic home rennovation.

    Doesn’t help that the Pawlenty administration keeps
    vetoing the tax bill that would have provided some
    This Old House Tax credits to people wanting to
    keep up their historic homes.

    Doesn’t help that the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission has good intentions
    with little power and no support from a Rybak
    administration that grants all to Nicollet Island
    quarterbacks and the aggressive developers
    who have turned Downtown East and Lyn Lake
    into a maze of concrete condo monoliths.

    Bravo Coololdbuilding owners…may you survive and

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