The House of Our Dreams

Another old house, vacant for years, boarded, neglected, unwanted by anyone in the ECCO neighborhood…but gosh darn it anyone living there would sure
have a spectacular view of THE LAKE.

What happened here is GOOD for the neighborhood isn’t it?

Heck, when rich folks want to knock down that nasty dirty old historic house and put up a shiny new plywood palazzo McMansion custom designed for ME!ME!ME!

With a football stadium sized kitchen, 59 bathrooms and fourplex movie theater on the “foundation” level and a yard devouring 4 season deck on the back.

Just bring in the backhoes immediately and give them a standing ovation and a designation of sainthood.

3249 Humboldt

Might as well engrave this story in stone. It’s the same one every time:

“I just wanted to tell you all that we bought the vacant house on Humboldt,” Mike Johnson said.

The ECCO board broke into applause. Remingtion —who was at the meeting to update the board on, among other things, the house–grabbed Mike Johnson’s hand and pumped it furiously and patted him on the back.

The Johnsons told the board how excited they were to own the property. They said the house was in such poor shape that they had no choice but to demolish it. They couldn’t wait. It was an opportunity, they said, to build in its place the house of their dreams.

They assured the board that yes, the house would be built to match the neighborhood, and yes, they would live in the house full-time.”

Beware the creeping McMansion. They multiply like fleas. Wanna bet the new ordinance Betsy Hodges drafted will be ignored here as well?

And say they are such NICE people we won’t bother to have a look at the plans they file with inspections because if they say their house will “Fit In” with the neighborhood, we’ll believe them, they are just so, so NICE!


One Response

  1. Say face…according to the minutes of a 2005 meeting on the
    ECCO website, the house was occupied and taxes were
    being paid in 2005…so just how long was it vacant?

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