Still don’t know who this fellow is, one of the many detailed, elaborate carvings
on the Masonic Temple building in downtown Minneapolis. Yep, it’s carved
stone not terra cotta…and I wonder if any photog has managed to capture
every detail in it’s Egyptian glory.

I suppose somewhere in one of the many archives that I’d have to make
an appointment to visit and jump through 20 hoops to use, may or may
not be a document that identifies this guy.

This time of year the face resembles Ebenezer Scrooge or maybe Jacob Marley…

So merry, happy, blah,blah,blah…



2 Responses

  1. Most likely the “Green Man”. An architectual decorative ornament, used on churches, can be found on the Rosslyn Chapel.

  2. It’s possible…but somewhere, can’t remember where I read that this was
    a portrait of either a high ranking fella in the local Masons group…or
    someone involved in the “mercantile” area of the building…a leading
    businessman….the cornerstone says 1888, so it would have been
    some prominent person of the day.

    Certainly the other faces on the building are characters…maybe wind
    or weather inspired…also the Minneapolis City hall has such faces
    or figures…some are mythical “Green Man” types others seem to
    be based on real persons.

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