2616c2 2616c1

2616 Colfax Ave So, Minneapolis,MN

Once upon a time as the weary traveler wandered through an unfamiliar forest…a very special house appeared…

So storybook was this house that the traveler was suddenly Giselle all sparkly, tulle and satin and then Prince Edward swashbuckling, with embellished puff sleeves royal purple….

Above the doorway the traveler noticed the baroque lettered legend “Ogren and
Trigg”… just as his imagination began to work to classify such names…the hour stuck and the chimes of a dozen clocks cast the most magical of enchantments…

Messrs. Ogren and Trigg clock makers, time travellers and wizards…

Who knows what mechanical wonders or time portals await beyond those double oak front doors…

The traveler raised his reverential camera to capture an image encompassing all details of said special house…CURSES!!!!! L-E-A-F-S!!!!!

Yes, we know it’s leaves…but too graceful a word for the bane of Cool Old Building photographers…obnoxious architectural detail obscuring foliage
of all kinds….ARRRRGH!


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