Scavenger Carrion Esq.

Welcome to a special pal of “the face”

Scavenger Carrion Esq.

Scavenger digs in the dirt and rummages through the garbage.

He’s got an eye for the bright and shiny … that odd something he sees
which was forgotten long ago.

One day, he was following the path of the old railroad tracks now mostly covered by asphalt and saw many bright and shiny somethings in a patch
of asphalt free dirt near Advance Thresher at 701 S 3rd Street.

Lot o shards of colored glass and mirrors were there.

He thought he’d found the remains of a church, or a stained glass
factory or store.

Municipal Monument, the ever scholarly Paul Clifford Larson’s study of Mpls’ City Hall, mentioned a 1903 fire which destroyed Paulle Showcase…a
purveyor of Art Glass. Alas, this was on 4th and 3rd not 7th and 3rd.

Across the street from Advance Thresher, the former Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. turned loft…still stands. Were the glass remains discards from there?

Mr. Carrion had never seen such glass, transparent but stamped with patterns or various textures, layered and opaque with wavelike ridges or multicolored strands…some pieces had a soap bubble irridescence and the colors were bold and unusual, not seen in modern glass… the mirror fragments were of the brightest genuine silver…no lead or metal plating.

So what did Scavenger Carrion discover?

Could the little bronze medallion with a symbol that resembles a Nike Swish…or swan’s head provide any clues?

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