Prindle Estate

The most popular cool old building here is one of the many mansions built by the Pillsbury family…most notably the $53 Million estate near Lake Minnetonka…

Of course there are other Pillsbury family abodes, some extant, some demolished.

Thinking that ya'll might be a bit bored with looking at the Pillsbury/Jundt mansion…

Here's another to rival it…the estate of William and Mina Prindle in Duluth
on the shores of Lake Superior…

Most recently a music academy

The state of the economy is such that these great houses are being abandoned
to…what…greed, ghosts, plunder, ?

Ah yes…interior design by John Scott Bradstreet…anyone know of any

other interiors by him, (I know a few) contact me

Prindle Mansion


2 Responses

  1. Bradstreet’s the best. There’s quite a cache of his stuff at the MN historical society. (books, photos etc) If you have the patience you can wade through (or get lost in!) the Northwest Architect publications from the 1890’s-1930’s.

    Good fun, thanks for sharing this one!

  2. Thanks Will for your comment…Bradstreet’s work is truly
    amazing…wish the Minneapolis Institute of Arts would
    do another exhibition featuring his work like they did
    in 1994…Minnesota 1900.

    Mrs. Prindle donated all the paneling, etc from one of
    her rooms to MIA .

    Coololdbuildingsmn readers may also recall an estate
    sale in June (briefly featured here) where the people
    were selling off pieces of the Bradstreet designed
    interior piece by piece.

    The sale was stopped, but the status of the house is
    still unsettled.

    Thanks for the advice about the Northwestern/Western
    architect…there are indeed wonderful photos etc
    of Bradstreet’s work there. Wish funding was
    available to scan every issue to the net.

    Your houseblog is great, and the work you are doing
    on restoring your house, should inspire all owners
    and admirers of coololdbuildings everywhere!

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