There Goes the Neighborhood

1212 S 7th Street

is the little white house between the church and
the other little white house 1218 S 7th.

1218 could be as old as 1212 but it’s been altered more..

1218 is.also vacant and also owned
by the person wanting to demolish 1212…

given the number of abandoned bicycles and really heavy RIP headstone propped against a mature tree, 1218 was home to many young people…

On the other side of 1212 is a church with an 1885 cornerstone…no longer owned by it’s original congregation…but a fine church nonetheless with beautiful stained glass windows of celtic design

1212…now the prey of the backhoe of death is…

A little white house with wood siding, and
an open porch with it’s original wood railing…

Inside natural millwork and flooring…
not fancy but real with rich color…

A little kitchen and open porch added in the back…
children played on the porch and under the
trees, the lady of the house hung wash out
on a closeline and the man of the house
walked home from work in downtown Minneapolis
and a horse was kept in a long vanished barn…

The view now from the porch is of a long wooden fence border to an enormous asphalt parking lot

And the white nuclear mushroom cloud top of the metrodome stadium dominates the skyline…

That is the stucture that fuels the demolition of 1212 and 1218 and maybe even the church…

all to provide unneccessary acres of car coral for the DOME…

And so it goes bit by bit row by row the destruction of a neighborhood that keeps eroding into nothing…

Across the street two apartment houses looking
1890s ish…fading away and behind them a stucco
clad crumbling yet feisty 1205 1/2 S 7th

another little lone survivor probably already destined for annihilation…

1212 little white house appearing before the
Minneapolis Heritage Demolition Commission for harsh

just a little “vernacular” house
where middle class people who walked to
work downtown once lived before the scythe
of 35W sliced through the heart
of Elliot Park…

No to a pointless year of the pursuit
of every possible historical minutia…for
academic study filed and forgotten

No to the “interim protection” which provides
no protection at all…the owner can smash
the little white house to bits or torch it
with no penalty or punishment

No to landmark designation which is only
a label without the power to protect
or preserve…

As the Minneapolis Heritage Demolition Commission
wastes both time and money enabling
the destruction of historic buildings
by approving wrecking permits or merely delaying the inevitable demolitions for a few months.

Lyrics by Counting Crows…

Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you got till it’s gone
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.


One Response

  1. Makes me sad. Wish I had the funds to save it. People don’t realize that we not only need to preserve the historically significant buildings, but also the once-common historical buildings as well. Soon, nobody will know what type of homes the regular working class lived in during the late 19th/early 20th century because they will be all gone. All that will remain are the massive brownstone mansions and elaborate Victorians. Nobody seems to care of the small, clapboard vernacular houses. I think if there is nothing wrong them them structurally that cannot be fixed, leave them be. They’ve lasted this long. I’d like to see a modern home (the plastic sided ones held together with liquid nails) last more than 40 years.

    :Sigh: 😦

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