Escher Sketch

Most houses have a single face…which makes a
grand impression at first sight…

This house has four!

Each one impressive…the whole structure is a Chinese puzzle box…or a metaphysical repeating sketch
by M.C. Escher….

Dramatically placed on a corner lot…

A majestic front porch is one face,

An elegant porte cochere a second,

Eight slender rectangular arts and crafts? prairie school?
windows a third,

A long gallery with splendid multi-paned windows
framed by two mini wings at 90 degree angles…
an intricate fourth

each related but each with its own unique character

Designed in 1908 by John W. Lindstrom and Joseph Almars…built by Olaf Eneroth…completely unlike
the other Lindstrom designed houses around
it (near the Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis)

A Carriage house was added in 1910, built by C.E. Hagstrom.

The original owners were John G. and Cemelia Allen…
John G. was in “real estate and insurance” Wasn’t

Did something in their lives influence the design
of this house?


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