Flour Power

May 2011 — Preservation Month–The building at the top of Coolold’s Endangered List?

The Pillsbury A Mill was once the largest most technologically advanced flour mill in the world. The flour milling industry transformed Minneapolis from a small town to a big city.

Those of us who have seen the interior of the A mill realize that this is a unique structure that should be preserved and become a museum of Minneapolis’ industrial history.

To “convert” the A mill to condos all the unique machinery custom designed for the milling process would have to be taken out and likely scrapped. All the wood floors (not up to fire code) would have to come out…all of the enormous multipaned windows would have to be replaced…and since the building has a flaw…it curves outward in front…the structure may not survive all the internal destruction needed to turn it into condos. We have more than enough condos on the river.

Let’s honor our history and preserve the Pillsbury A Mill as a museum for ourselves and our children to learn about and marvel at the ingenuity and labor that built Minneapolis!

Pillsbury A Mill on Placeography.org

Another Chance?


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