Death to Norris Hall

Dr. Julia Anna Norris
Director of the Department of Physical Education for Women, 1912-41

Anna Norris worked many years to improve athletic facilities and activities for women. A medical doctor, she focused on offering specialized programs designed for individual students rather than forcing all freshmen to endure one boring exercise regimen. In an effort led by Norris, the University opened a gymnasium for women in 1914. After she retired, the gym was named Norris Hall as a tribute to her energy and dedication.

Norris Hall was built because of Dr. Norris’s belief in the relationship between physical fitness and academic achievement. The building is connected to Alice Shevlin Hall built in 1906 which was the first Women’s Student Union and dormitory on campus.

It is also surrounded by 100+ majestic oaks
which may not survive the brutality.

Norris Hall has been deemed obsolete and will
be destroyed to the tune of a six figure demolition.


And that’s not all…


One Response

  1. Norris Hall was demolished a few days ago. Got photos?
    Got videos? Got comments? Send them to me.

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