Angels of the Opera

photo: copyright ptpenquino

Angels of the Opera

I am tall and strong and swift
I sparkle even in moonless darkness
In dreams I am a raven, steel eyed
Flying on midnight wings
Moving through air with vigorous motion

My mind absorbs everything I encounter
I choose from all
What guides my necessary unconventional life
as I define it constantly

I move energetically outward
I attract
I have the power to summon, entertain and persuade
Yet I serve as I am served

An abandoned place discovered
Built before I was born into this life
I thought I could part with you but I can not
You have always been
And will always be

My angel guardians
Only I and intruders know your strength
No one can defeat you
That which grows within me
It will take my body
then release me
To you

My son
I knew even before I held you first
and looked into your eyes
My eyes
That You
will always be with me and I with you
Your angel guardian, undefeated
Even after my body dissolves into
The earth

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