Kaliedescope of voices

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This is a sacred place

A mosaic on a Western Wall


This old building

Once surrounded by others

Now alone in a field near the confluence

of an alley to nowhere, Franklin Avenue and I-35w

Sister Rose claimed this place

A building nobody wanted

for people seeking community

after a long rough pilgrimage

they are home

A mosaic on a Western wall


Joy was called

to this place

She stood before the wall of grey painted bricks

and looked up

Her vision ascended, powerful, commanding,

A structure began to evolve in her mind

She gathered tile, mirrors, colored glass

Cutting each piece turning it to fit in its place

Angie’s mother and the other women worked by her side

A rainbow, an eagle, a shrine to sister Rose, the Names

tile fragments  like those from the homes

that once were here

She could hear the voices of the children from the past

calling to each other

over the sounds of the traffic

When you

stand before the mirrors, nothing is hidden

Your body, mind and soul are reflected back to you

the departing sun touches the mirror fragments

with her scintilating fingertips

they blaze in spiritual

metamorphosis transformation

A mosaic on a Western wall


A Place Where You Belong

8/20/2013 The mosaic and the building were destroyed today. Yes, I have video.

From this Death may a New Mosaic be BORN!!!

I am the resurrection and the life
Though I may Die
Yet Shall I live
Your spirit lives on Sister Rose
we WILL make a new mosaic Angela Joy Carlson Talle
with you!

*This mosaic will be destroyed when this building is demolished for the Aeon “South Quarter” Development…Although Aeon will build a new building for Peace House, they will not save the mosaic…
Angela Joy Carlson Talle would like to create a new mosaic perhaps using some of the pieces from the still.existing Peace House mosaic for an exterior wall of the South Quarter. Say YES AEON! Say YES Hope Community!

Day’s End – Deep Colors – Glitter Illuminati

Dark Glitter – Kinetic

Mosaic dedication

Peace House Website

Peace House photos

Mosaic in Danger

For granted

Relocation – 2008


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