The Parsons’ Block

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One night in July 2012, a fire started at 2812 1st Ave So. Before it was extinguished,
a woman  died trying to rescue her grandchild…a dog also died. A large multigenerational Laotian family lived in the house. The owner of the house also owns a nearby Chinese market.

It is unclear what started the fire. Early 20th century electrical wiring can overheat under the demands of 21st century electrical appliances.

There is a director’s order to raze 2812 and the VBR fee has been levied. The fire damage to 2812 is profound. It will not be saved. The house next door, also by Parsons, 2810 1st Ave, is also fire damaged, will also likely be VBRed and condemned, may also be “razed.”

The owner will leave the demolition to the City but he will be assessed the cost.

Historian Anders Christensen created a list of houses designed by Henry Parsons which is included here:

The 2800 block of 1st Ave So in Minneapolis has many buildings designed and built by Henry Parsons. He lived in several and one, a brownstone, he succumbed to pneumonia in.

2815 1st has carved robins? at the North and South corners of a front porch window. I have an idea this house was moved from 2nd Ave So when I-35W was built. Henry and Henrietta Parsons did live in it.

it still has some lovely woodwork…only ghosts live in the house for now…

Stories about the Syonesas


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