Farkitecture Follies pt2

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The contractor…he weren’t no ark-ee-tect….removed original dormers.. took out a wall of the house…attached a big plastic box with vinyl siding and vinyl windows to a huge ole hole he made in the wall and created an oversized illusion of carriage house doors on the front of it … then two rows of lights — steel industrial factory lights and big square really BRIGHT crime fightin lights…were stapled onto it
when they are all lit up this thing looks like its ready for liftoff to the planet of UGLY FUGGLY.

This fellow documented the progeneration of the big box and several others
Chronicle of Fuggly

Some history of this house courtesy Thursday Nite Hikes
2722 Park Avenue South: Thomas B. Lindsay and Martha Lindsay House; Built in 1901; E.P. Overmire, architect. The house is a 36′ x 56′ frame dwelling and originally cost $12,000

I’m sure there’s more on the great short lived Overmire zumplace.

Award #2

The Alien Appendage Addition AAA+ or E.T. don’t text and drive home at the same time

More awards on the way? Have one to suggest?


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