Farkitecture Follies pt7


How to Destroy a Neighborhood pt1
How to Destroy a Neighborhood pt2
How to Destroy a Neighborhood pt3

May is running out of days and yet there’s just so, so many more awards to give. There is something active in this City like a plague…destroying our neighborhoods from their abandoned industrial sites to their residential core. These are structures so oversized and out of scale with their surroundings, so excessive and uneeded, solely motivated by the greed of their progenitors, mostly old white men of a certain age who want to build monuments to their arrogance, their narcissism, their greed, to deny their own mortality.

The word used is “Development” but it really is “Destruction.”

Case in point…this one repeated over and over and over…the destruction of the building Rose Totino and her family owned for many years in Northeast Minneapolis. Rose Totino has patents for her pizza recipe and the company she founded was prosperous and innovative for years. Ah yes and this is yet another incident where a building made famous by an entrepreneurial woman is going to be destroyed by the City of Minneapolis and Developer Kit Richardson who was very aptly defeated in his bungled attempt to convert the Pillsbury A Mill to condos.

This is also a story of neighborhood businesses that thought this “development” would be a good thing and would benefit their businesses until they saw the plans and realized that this thing will destroy their neighborhood, and their businesses, the quality of their lives, the character of their neighborhood and everything about their lives there that they know and love.

This is also a story of political haves and have nots. The haves won a recent victory from this same Commission that so arrogantly and indifferently disregards the concerns of the people who testified against this building in the videos linked above.

Sign the Petition, Join the Protest, BE THE CHANGE!


Award #7 The Megalith Monstrosities Devouring our Neighborhoods and Destroying the Quality of our Lives and Eradicating Diversity and Character by Building over and over structures that are relentlessly THE SAME.


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