Casandra of Lake Street 9/17/2009

presient darkness
it will happen… it will
new moon
street lights that glow but cast no illumination
restlessness, insomnia
laughter that frightens
something moving over there irradically
sharpness … glass breaking
baby crying … that baby is always crying
overgrown weeds, graffiti and filth
a rushing sound … inside my head
lots of sounds…punishment.

that one…I will do…that one.

fast moving
disorder… chaos… force it
satisfaction for a moment
scatter away
the moon enters a new phase to illuminate
the next one … the…next…one

Morning fire torches Lake Street furniture store

September 7, 2009 // UPDATED 10:33 am – September 17, 2009
A fire this morning caused serious damage at Grand Lake Furniture, 419 W. Lake St.

Workers at Paul Williams Tire Co. across the street reported the fire around 8 a.m. after hearing an explosion and seeing flames pouring out into the street. Friefighters arrived in minutes and extinguished the fire in less than an hour.

Lake Street from Grand to Lyndale avenues was temporarily closed while crews battled the blaze. By the time the fire was put out, all of Grand Lake Furniture’s front windows were shattered. Torched furniture could be seen inside.

The fire’s cause is under investigation.


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