Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Dust. 9/29/2009.

A tapestry is composed of many threads.

Each color and texture is selected and woven through a structure designed by the weaver, “built” by the loom. Some who hold the threads of the story of the Pauline Fjelde house will never bring their threads to the loom. They do not want the whole story to be revealed, because they would be revealed.
This tapestry may never be completed. Those who search for the truth may only find an unfinished product on an abandoned loom. Colored fragments moth eaten by selective memory.

On September 29th 2009, I remember that the warmth of early autumn had suddenly turned cold.
I was occupied with some task. Thinking I should listen to the 10pm local news, I arrived to see the last few seconds of a story about a housefire on Lake street. The image vanished from the screen as the reporter promised an update on the story. I had an uneasy feeling, consulted the internet and found out that the Pauline Fjelde house was on fire.

Due to its proximity to the Schoffman’s store and other houses, the firefighters opened the roof and broke windows to sacrifice the house and save the others. At least one of the firefighters was injured…a woman who a few years hence, heroically rescued people from cars that went into the river when the I-35W bridge collapsed.

Shelia Regan of the Twin Cities Daily planet wrote an article which described a crowd of 100 people… who had texted and called each other together to watch the fire. click

At 11:00 pm that evening I received an email that said: “In case you haven’t heard, there was a fire at the Pauline Fjelde tonight.”

Star Tribune article

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