Stop the Presses


The final days of the Minneapolis Star Tribune buildings are here as the intrepid army of destruction from Veit empty the buildings of what was left behind and dig massive trenches in the street to facilitate the epic demolitions of buildings so large, they may require implosion to be rid of just as the nearby metrodome did.

I’d link to the CPED “staff” report that provides some history of OUR NEWSPAPER’s building…perhaps later, as “Dr. Demolition” like the precision missile he is, advocated for their destruction serving his function as a Uriah Heep cog in an exacting bureaucratic machine owned and operated by the rich and powerful entirely in the service of their personal profit, entirely at the detriment of the quality of life, heritage and culture of our City.

As their peers have done in Iran, Russia, China and other totalitarian regimes the developers who acquired the buildings deliberately and viciously defaced them, hacking off the medallions showing the six primary industries of Minnesota sculpted by Ivan Dossef and hauled them off somewhere. Then they jackhammered the pure white Indiana limestone boldly heroic letters “Star and Tribune” from the front facade of the building and threw the shattered remnants in a dumpster.

Add to this millions of photographs and negatives (some of which were scanned all of which are not available to the public) were sent to a fellow who’s only interest was in the sports photos. Unique images of over a century of our history vanished into a mysterious somewhere, hopefully they are not still in the buildings
about to be destroyed. The bastards have even ceased to fly the American Flag.

All hail and honor to journalists, the source of truth, the advocates for justice, and your colleagues who capture powerful images.

Farkitecture Follies award #2 Stadiums, Banks, Developers and Politicans take revenge on those who revealed the rotten core of who they are and what they do by destroying the heroic art moderne home of journalism!


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