A Halloween Potpourri

Behold the spooky delights of the Flamingo Ingham Halloween pageant of the Nightmare Before Christmas joining grinning sawtoothed pumpkins, floating skeletons, spiders, and glowing hot eyed ghouls. Bravo once again O’ creative soul!

And then as I waited to cross Portland as the traffic rushed by and twilight bloomed,
I saw a table at the edge of my vision, a flicker of candles, a lacy bridal veil…
I thought, a “Dia de Los Muertos” table! I went and looked…and so it was…photos and handwritten memories…so unexpected…so profound and moving. It was a “Phillips Neighborhood Shrine”…the artists, in a nearby house may have observed me from a distance wisely staying inside sensing an overly chatty odd individual they did not want to interact with or thought that shrine visitors might want a moment of private reminiscence.`

The Flamingo Ingham and the Shrine…The Profane and the Sacred…

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And the embodiment of both…earlier in the day…during a moment of bored Friday goof off freedom, I searched for a photo of a broom to make my usual comment about getting the old broom ready for my evening of Halloween flight…when one of those images appeared which stopped my breath and time and suddenly a THOUSAND stories stormed.
Of which I’ll only share a little…I thought four sisters…the tall, well dressed, aristocratic eldest holding a maid’s dust mop and pan as if they were alien things she would never touch…the two twins, fraternal not identical with the extra ordinary hats, holding a dead falcon perhaps brother or papa had shot…or perhaps the deceased raptor was a discovery of their own botanical expedition in the woods…hence the flowers…their feet energetically entwined…their secret bond of identical perceptions…then the youngest…in a smoky cloud, holding the broom with determined fingers, an outsider, a bit wild, an intense gaze of intelligence or artistry or rebellion.
Who were these women? What were their lives like? What one might imagine could be more fascinating than the reality. Click on the image twice to see a large image!



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