Farkitecture Follies


Welcome Preservation month…May 2016

Sometime this month the preservation Who’s Who…Who’s on First, What’s on Second..it’s Who you know not what you do on Third…will converge to award themselves the Best of the Best…

Farkitecture Follies awards the WORST of the WORST in historic preservation, gawd awful remuddling, Mc-Mansion-ization and arrogant greed driven destruction.

The sun is shinning, lilacs are blooming, and energy rising. This is not the time for darkness or anger. This is not the time for the fire and sword of justice.
But what better time?
If you want to celebrate, if you want the joy of fabricated success, if you want the manipulative spin of self congratulation, if you don’t want your fun to be spoilt, then run away and go throw yourself into it and LEAVE HERE NOW!!!

First up…a return to the Handicraft Guild Building and its Addition…condemned to death last year. Everyone but the aptly named Devil’s Advocate bar evicted, something going on inside that sounds like deconstruction, yet even vacant and abandoned, they are unique, they are vibrant, they are THE GREENEST BUILDINGS. The woodwork,the skylights, the tile, the storefronts.
They are so exquisitely right, so absolutely suited for their location, so powerful that…

These buildings were created at the command of women…

It is a crime against what was well made what was full of life and creative energy and MUSIC and what could still BE if the owners would dedicate themselves to the work and restore these buildings as another legacy of the Ordway family.

A year and you are still here. A year and even the pro-development new urbanists say they wish this project would FAIL and these buildings would survive. A year and any day now unless…unless..and you will DIE.

Can’t name this award just now. The tragedy of this loss, the toxic grid of a structure that will arise here unless “the market” and conflict STOP IT and God intervenes…is just too difficult to articulate at this moment.


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