Farkitecture Follies

Welcome Preservation month May 2017

Sometime this month the preservation Who’s Who…Who’s on First, What’s on Second..it’s Who you know not what you do on Third…will converge to award themselves the Best of the Best…

Farkitecture Follies awards the WORST of the WORST in historic building death, gawd awful remuddling, Mc-Mansion-ization and arrogant greed driven corruption and profiteering.

You have arrived at a dark, violent place where rage and sorrow and loss rule.

If you don’t want your fun to be spoilt, then LEAVE HERE NOW!!!

This is a year in which the destruction could have been eulogized every day.

We can no longer stop it.   We can speak out.   We can act out.

We can and will RESIST!      Emma Pauline Brenda Mary give me your strength.


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