Farkitecture Follies pt 1


Saint Anthony Falls, a sacred site for the Dakotah and Ojibwe..where the City of Minneapolis was founded. The river, the falls, a wild and powerful beauty. The flour and lumber industries took their energy from the river. Citizens and historians created guidelines to protect the historic district. Yet Developers built apartment towers and others plan to over-run the district with more apartments and condos, destroying the historic buildings, poisoning and controlling the power of nature, disregarding and dishonoring the sacred.
In their determination to acquire, conquer and destroy, they have a corrupt ambitious partner who has rewritten laws, removed obstacles, made backroom deals and accepted campaign contributions. He has declared that he will make his own history by destroying ours. A group of citizens has filed suit to stop the tower that will set in motion more engines of destruction.
They have fought but they will loose. The justice system is as broken and corrupt as the process at City Hall.

Farkitecture Follies award 1: The Arbitrary and Capricious corruption and prostitution of the public self serve ants at Minneapolis City Hall.


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